How to Fix a Brother Printer not Printing Black Ink?

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My Brother MFC-J270w printer has begun printing yellow ink rather than dark ink. When I checked utilizing shading corrector, paper was indicating yellow blue and pink shading as it were. The principal box ought to be dark however here yellow shading is appearing. Would anybody be able to help me why my printer isn’t printing dark shading? Any proposals?

On the off chance that your Brother printing isn’t right hues, at that point

A printer generally print an inappropriate shading in the event that you have introduced ink cartridge at wrong position (opening) in the Brother printer. When you introduce an ink cartridge, ink tube framework gets loaded up with the ink that is available in ink cartridge so machine can get ready for printing. In any case, in the event that you have set up the ink cartridge at the unseemly position, at that point the ink cylinder will top off with an inappropriate shading.

To fix such issues, you need to clean print head

  1. Above all else, check the places of ink cartridges in the event that they have put at the correct position or not. For this, open ink cartridge spread and after that confirm the ink cartridges are in the right request. Move to one side and afterward check the request that ought to resemble Black, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta. On the off chance that all is well, at that point close the ink cartridge spread and continue to subsequent stage.
  2. In the wake of shutting ink cartridge spread, you will see this message i.e., “Did you change shading?”. Simply press yes or no. On the off chance that you press “No” at that point it will reveal to you how much ink is left in your ink cartridge.
  3. Move to your printer’s LCD board and after that press INK that is available on the correct side. At that point pick Test Print > Print Quality on the Touchscreen. After this, press Color Start to print the Print Quality Check Sheet.
  4. Presently audit the check sheet. The hues that are showing on the check sheet will be in a particular request i.e., Black-Yellow-Cyan-Magenta. (left to right).
  5. On the off chance that the hues are in the right request, at that point press Yes on the LCD screen. Then again, on the off chance that hues are in off base request, at that point press NO.
  6. Your Brother printer will perform cleanings to flush out dried ink and inaccurate shading from the print head and ink tubes. This time Brother printer will experience a cleaning cycle so you need to hang tight for quite a while.

Finally, simply print a test record to confirm if your machine is printing appropriately or not.